Announcing release of Cove

We're incredibly happy to announce the public release of Cove.

Talking about our emotions can be difficult. Not being able to find the words to express your feelings can sometimes lead to saying nothing at all. We believe everyone should be able to say how they feel.

Music and emotions go hand in hand. Making music can be a very personal way to express yourself. By storing the music you make in Cove, you can listen back to periods of your life. If you choose to share music with someone, you can communicate even complex feelings easily.

Cove is made up of two elements: music-making and journalling. You are able to create a short musical loop easily built from layers of sound, instruments and filters. By first picking a mood, you can establish a general feeling of your music. You can then build a composition with chords and melodies without any musical expertise.

You can store your music in a personal journal, adding notes or ‘feeling-word’ tags that can help explain your mood. The resulting musical entries can be stored privately, or played back or shared to people such as friends, family or loved ones.

Cove is purposefully designed to de-stigmatise emotional health problems, and is unlike a traditional music-maker. A water and stone visual language is used instead of instrumental keys or musical notations. Relating feelings and mood to music is less imposing than writing notes or talking.

The natural behaviour to be creative and also fill idle moments can be used to your advantage. You can use an object that is familiar – a smartphone – to easily create music any time, to capture how you really feel about something that is happening to you.

You can download Cove by clicking here.

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