Humane Engineering was founded by Ivor Williams and Alex Rothera. A tech-for-good start-up dedicated to designing and inventing products that focus on improving the lives of people. Their first product Cove is a personal musical journal to help you with your emotional and mental health. It is supported by the Bethnal Green Ventures programme and funded by NHS England.

Ivor Williams is a Scottish designer with 10 years experience working with national governments, NGOs, cultural institutions and commercial companies. He is Senior Design Associate at the Helix Centre, a unique design studio situated in a busy London hospital. He is also founder of the design research group Being and Dying. He was previously studio director at the Italian research centre Fabrica; consulting art director for interactive & experience designers Tellart; and designer for Graphic Thought Facility, John Morgan studio and others. He teaches regularly and is currently a visiting lecturer at Imperial College London. His previous positions include visiting professor at IUAV Venice, and visiting lecturer at Design Academy Eindhoven and the Glasgow School of Art.

Alex Rothera is a designer and inventor focused on the intersection of future technologies and contextual design. His work looks to first understand people and contexts to then design elegant and responsible products and technologies. He is also a Creative Technologist for Google Inc. Alex was previously an interactive designer at Fabrica in Italy after working three years for the Walt Disney Company research division, Alex holds two invention patent applications and two projects which are currently being implemented for 2015 launch in the 2015 Walt Disneyworld Parks. His work has previously shown in the Venice Biennale, ARS Electronica, Siggraph, and other international venues.

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