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Cove is a musical journal you create yourself. You can use it to capture your mood or express how you really feel.

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Latest news

Announcing release of Cove

We're incredibly happy to announce the public release of Cove. Talking about our emotions can be difficult. Not being able to find the words to express your feelings can sometimes lead to saying nothing at all. We believe everyone should be able to say how they feel. Music and emotions go hand in…

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An update

It has been exactly 40 days since we presented Cove at the Bethnal Green Ventures Demo Day in London. It has also been exactly 73 days since we last updated our website with development news. We have, in a great understatement, been busy. A wholly unexpected (was it really?) side-effect from…

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Week 7: Getting tense

This week was mostly about testing, and being tense. We conducted two testing sessions on Thursday and Friday. The first was courtesy of Katee Hui of Hackney Laces. Katee is a great mentor at the Bethnal Green Ventures, and when we saw her at a workshop session, she kindly invited us to come and…

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